why can two worlds be so far apart?

we are all equal



  1. heavy rain looks like water is rushing down to rescue forgotten gardens
  2. to the atheists. your religion is beautiful too. you have faith in the sky and nature, unaware that it is god you are looking at.
  3. your company is only around to enjoy this  one lifetime. that’s an incredibly short time when you think about it. I will cherish these years.
  4. we all want to be beautiful and smart. isn’t it nice to know we have good intentions.
  5. feeling strange because you can accept anything as it goes. i just happened to be given strawberries today and also happened to supposedly fall in love.
  6. yesterday the mind was in a slumber. but today it awakens to how deep the ego is attached.
  7. the egoless state puts the emotional system in a flight or fight mode where it attempts to recreate identity using memories. but you are not your past. 
  8. one of the most beautiful thing to witness is the fruit of diligence, patience, discipline and deep practice.


today dancing will take away most of your worries

they are quite heavy

but you are one of the strongest

how do i repay you back

all the happiness taken from your life

all the love you deserve

all the love you gave

there is never enough that i could ever do for you


dear brother who struggles to sleep at night

who slept on cold pavement, parks and metal benches

you barely made it back

and i see you coming together again

trying to fix broken pieces

mending, healing, sometimes relapsing

i hung a prayer on your door

but you took it down

said you weren’t ready for faith

so i see you taking the day on as it goes

like a simple monk

with no religion